Morgan Motivation: On the Bridge

  On the Bridge I was on an Amtrak train, traveling back to Buffalo from Albany after attending my cousin’s 65th birthday party. Side note: our family had gotten together only for funerals the past few years. So, when we received this invitation, we were determined to get together for a happy celebration. It was so

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Champion In Action: Colleen Reedy

Colleen’s passion lies in empowering others and transforming lives through education. Colleen Reedy is currently the Director of Student Engagement at SUNY Empire State College. In this role, she oversees Student Life, Student Government, Career Services, and Residencies college wide. Previously Colleen was the Associate Director of Opportunity Programs and Associate Director of Recruitment and

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Morgan Motivation : Scar Excitement

  Last year, my co-worker’s daughter broke both of her wrists in a minor sledding accident. Being the resilient girl she is, she persevered positively through the healing process. Months later, she was back to normal, or so she thought. Months later, about a year or so after her accident, she discovered that part of

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Morgan’s Motivation: Bounce Back

As part of one my contractual responsibilities, I was conducting a site visit and monitoring activities at an after-school program. The interactions of two students caught my attention. Student “A” had a stuffed animal, and another student took it from him and would not give it back when asked. A counselor intervened on behalf of

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Champion in Action: Christina McCune

Christina McCune, Buffalo native, is embarking on her entrepreneurial journey. What started as a science lesson in her middle school classroom has grown into an enterprise. She models for her scholars that they can develop their imagination and learn how to apply creative thinking skills to real-world problems. This was how she created her own small

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