Hey Champions!

Important situations have changed in my life over recent months. I assumed a new position as CEO of Leadership Buffalo, and I left my position at Girl Scouts of Western New York, where I have been employed for the past ten years. I got engaged to a wonderful guy whom God created just for me, and I was sworn in as Chaplain for my sorority. These changes list some amazing blessings God has provided for me.

Concurrent with these joyous moments, these same months also constituted one of the roughest seasons of my life. I am careful not to say toughest year, because I have stated in the past communications that, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” Therefore, I fully expect this turbulent period of events to pass, and that the remaining months of 2024 will be amazing!

As a result of these former difficulties in my journey, my emotional equilibrium has been more tested than usual. On one of these mornings, I was in the kitchen, getting breakfast when I noticed that one of the dogs had used the bathroom. Because I was not in the best mood, that minor doggie mistake sent my emotions into overdrive, and the previous tensions started to resurface. This was one upset too much. It tipped the scale, and I was fully frustrated and mad. I felt I might snap at anyone that tried me that day. So, I went into the bedroom to sit down and put things into perspective. As I sat there, calming myself, I heard a whisper, “Bring it to me.” I tried to dismiss the thought, but I heard it clearly repeat itself, “Bring it to me.”

Obediently, I began to pray. In between prayers, I sat quietly and listened. I repeated the phrase I had heard. When I did, a familiar face surfaced in my mind’s eye. (I will speak about that person in next month’s motivation.) Peace enveloped my heart, and I felt comforted as if I were with a room full of friends who were encouraging me and who were saying everything was going to be okay, but, in reality, the only ones in the room were me and my “homie,” God.

During the past weeks, I had been carrying a barrage of irritating and depressing emotions arising from variety of situations. I would say my daily prayers and have my morning devotions; however, by the end of the day, I still felt a heaviness in my body and spirit. But, on this Saturday, I was more intentional in my time with Him; I did not rush my time with God. I got into a flow and within ten minutes of casting my burdens on Him, He took care of everything for me.

A question, Champion: What do you need to release to God today? What is troubling you? What do you need an answer to? What blessings are you looking for? I invite you to pause, create and commit quiet quality time with God. Be honest; don’t rush your time with Him. 1Peter 5:7 admonishes us to “Cast all our anxieties on Him because He cares for you.

Champions, HE. CARES. FOR. YOU!