There was a week in December 2023 when I wore a different coat each day. This insight had not dawned on me until Friday, when I was hanging them up. Side note, when I come into the house, I normally throw my coat over the chair in the dining room instead of hanging it up right away, a bad habit I know.
When I noticed this, I mentioned it to my guy, who was standing next to me at the time. He said, “Wow, we don’t pause often enough to think about how blessed we are. There are people who might not have one warm coat, yet you were able to wear five different coats this week alone.” I responded, “You’re right.” I had to pause in my task and give God praise at that moment.
We have entered a new year, and with a new year, we are quick to start our new list of goals to accomplish. We immediately begin to list our hearts’ desires for God to bless us within 2024.
This year, I urge you to pause often to give God praise from the smallest to the largest blessing in your life. Reflect on how, at each moment you take a breath, you are literally standing in the middle of an answered prayer from your past.
Also, instead of being so focused on your goals and your agenda, pause and ask God what it is that He has for you this year. What would He like you to focus on and accomplish in 2024.
With 366 days of new opportunities in 2024, my  main goal is to make sure everything I am working toward is God’s plan for me. Have you talked to Him about His plans for you?