A Champion’s Prayer Journey

Have you ever felt frustrated in your journey of faith? Or like you were the only one who may be experiencing things like the imposter syndrome, guilt or finances. Or maybe, just simply uncomfortable being transparent about this thing called life.

In a Champion’s Prayer Journey, Morgan gives you real life scenarios that affirm you are not alone. These are normal circumstances that many people of faith experience and God has an answer for you in His word. This book offers a 25-day journey to show you how faith, integrity and determination can open opportunities that you never thought possible.

In this book you will:
  • Read real life gems and discover how scriptures direct us through a journey of truth.
  • You will “Map Your Journey” with mindful exercises.
  • Read prayers to help guide your conversations with God.
  • And of course, reaffirm that you are Champion Made™!

Now Available!