Preparing individuals to achieve champion level results through Empowering, Activating, and Tackling personal and professional development.

Empower: MWB Ignites will reveal your potential, build your confidence and push your grand vision forward. Through a series of interactive activities, your talents, skills, networks and goals will be assessed and you will be on your way to discovering the Champion in you.

Activate: MWB Ignites will work with you to design a roadmap of success that centers on your goals and pulls in your previously identified gifts and knowledge. Via challenging assignments and consistent checkpoints, your Champion plan will take shape.

Tackle: MWB Ignites will support you while you stand on your newly-created roadmap, take deliberate actions, move beyond your comfort zone and bring your goals to fruition. At this stage, the true Champion in you is ready to soar!

About MWB Ignites

MWB Ignites, LLC a leadership and empowerment consultant firm that ignites generations of Champions. We have over 15 years of experience helping individual and companies build sustainable plans for success.

We are focused on assisting individuals and teams that are emerging or in transition become champion minded by defying the barriers, embracing their natural talents and building essential skills.

We are here to guide you into having purpose-filled lives, businesses and maximizing your potential. Sometimes you know something is needed in order to launch to the next level, but you need additional support to get there and MWB Ignites is here to support you!