Maya Reid was born and raised in Buffalo, NY.  She attended Sweet Home High School and graduated in 2016.

Maya briefly worked for a local collection agency, but she also dreamed of starting her own business.  In 2018 she decided to quit the collections job, and with limited funds, she launched a startup business at the age of 20.  She was determined to pursue her dream of becoming the proprietor of a successful business in the Esthetics (Beauty) Industry.  Maya was a trained Lash Artist with a plan for a business that would specialize in enhancing the beauty of her customers by trimming, customizing and applying custom eyelash extensions.

As she thought about a business name, Maya knew “Lashes” would be in it; that was the easy part. However, she wanted to include an adjective in the name that would capture the essence of how she would please all her customers.  She settled on “Majestic” because of her lifelong love of unicorns.  Maya’s view of unicorns is derived from the Bible where the majestic animals symbolize strength, grace, purity and a fresh spirit.  Those are qualities every woman should feel after receiving services performed by Maya.  Hence the company name she selected is: Majestic Lashes, LLC.

Maya started her business on a leap of faith, but she was fearless!  She had no real business training, nor did she have a mentor to guide her.  From time to time, she would ask questions of other professionals with whom she came in contact.  Sometimes she got answers and other times she didn’t.  Still, she continued to perfect her craft and build her clientele. 

Then the pandemic hit, and like many other personal service businesses, Majestic Lashes, LLC took a hit.  Nevertheless, Maya remained focused and took classes at the New York Institute of Esthetics, graduating as a Licensed Esthetician.  With that license Maya has become a full service Esthetician specializing in skin care, eyelash extensions, non-invasive Hyaluronic acid fillers and teeth whitening.  Majestic Lashes, LLC emerged from the pandemic as a stronger business with added esthetic services.  Currently, the company is in the process of transitioning to a new business name that reflects its growth: Majestic Lashes and Aesthetics!

Maya is currently enrolled in a RN program to become an Aesthetics Nurse.  When she completes the nursing program she plans to continue her education by enrolling in a program to become a Nurse Practitioner, which will enable her to open a medical spa.  Most recently, Maya was employed as a behavioral technician for the Arc of Erie County where she worked with children and adults while pursuing her Lash career.  In April resigned her position after passing both the New York State Board Exams. 

Maya’s ultimate goal is to help young women find their way and choose their path.  In her own words: “I want to work with young women who may have a hard time finding what makes them happy, young women who may think they are counted out.  Whether it’s lashes, hair, business, medical field, anything!  I feel as though sometimes our young people just need someone there to reassure them that THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!”  Maya is in the process of starting a nonprofit organization called “Polished Diamonds,” which will be the vehicle to reach her ultimate goal.

Maya is a member of  “The Light Church” under the leadership of  Pastor- Robert Tucker (Prophetess Alicia Tucker).   She is a Sunday School Teacher for the children at her church.  She has also participated in workshops for Buffalo Public School children and families, teaching them different self-care skills as well as how to make their own skin care products.

While small in stature (4’11”), Maya Reid is soaring toward becoming a giant in the Esthetics industry.