The months since Spring have been interesting for me. I’ve had a few situations with people that left me feeling surprised, frustrated, and sad. God revealed that these people, whom I thought were in my corner, truly were not. At least, not in the way I had assumed. “Tooting my own horn” is not something I often do; actually rarely, but there is something I am confident in about myself; that is, I am a great, loyal friend. I will go to the end of the Earth with you, my friend. I am NOT perfect by any means, but I am confident in the love and grace I give to people. So, when I was hit with a blow by someone I thought was in my corner, it rocked my world a bit.

Generally, out of necessity, I attempt to be strong, confident, and fair when dealing with conflict. I don’t like conflict, but honestly, what I don’t like even more is allowing situations to linger and to fester and remain uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time. Therefore, I am the one who often takes the lead when uncomfortable conversations are necessary. My philosophy is to move pass “the elephant in the room,” and get back to productivity and friendship.

I was directed to be silent by the Holy Spirit, so I could not address situations as I would normally do. When I had decided to speak about something, I could clearly hear in my spirit, “Don’t say a word, Morgan. Just let it be” This clearly meant, although I saw the shenanigans happening around me, I still had to remain silent. Each time, following God’s direction, I was assured the situations would work out for my good.

Champions, let me tell you, even with God’s direction, it was hard for me not to let people know, “I see you. I see your plan. I heard what you said.” To stay strong and let God fight my battles, I continued to say, literally aloud: No matter what, “MY FAITH IS NOT SHAKEN. LORD, I AM GOING TO TRUST YOU 100%.”

Each time I followed His lead and kept my mouth closed, God not only showed up; He showed out! God taught me the essence of the scripture, “The battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s. 2Chronicles 20:15. When God is elevating you, He will require you to do uncomfortable things. What He is doing is building your strength and taking your faith to a new level.

Champions, let me tell you, if you are ready to be elevated to new levels in your faith journey and in your life overall, learn to be quiet. Pause. Pivot. Pray. When you put it ALL…not part of it…but ALL in God’s hands, your next job is to get excited and start praising Him for what is coming, because He is about to show up for you and show out.