• Krystal Osei, a Program Manager, mentor, and creative thinker, has seven years of experience in program planning, content creation, and project management. Krystal grew up in a Ghanaian household in the Bronx.

She attended LaGuardia High School and SUNY Geneseo for her B.A. in mathematics. Even though she majored in mathematics, she wanted to enter a different field.

After college, Krystal received a fantastic opportunity to work as a Program Partnership Specialist at Girl Scouts of Western New York. In this role, she learned how to form partnerships in the community and taught girls various topics that would lead them to build their self-esteem and self-awareness. While working at Girl Scouts, Krystal discovered part of her passion is to uplift young girls and women worldwide, but she also found her love for making content and marketing. After working non-profit for three years, Krystal decided to pursue a career in marketing and advertising. She received another significant opportunity at Amazon as a Program Planner/Program Manager. Despite her background in non-profit, Krystal communicated her transferable skills and disregarded the naysayers in pursuing her goal within the tech industry. In these moments, many people questioned if she could make that transition and complete her goals, but Krystal never let their doubts determine her answer. Prayer and trusting heavily in God are vital to every goal she tackles.

Krystal firmly believes in having tunnel vision about your dreams and goals. With this visionary mindset, Krystal has learned the importance of using her voice. Additionally, she advises not to wait for anyone to make you happy or envision your life; instead, in her own words, “Take a step of faith, pray always, and trust in your talents.”