I was attending my mentor’s 73rd birthday brunch celebration. Many women stood to give praise and gratitude and to share testimonies about the impact she had had in their lives.

My mentor told a story about something she had wanted to do with her daughter, but her daughter was not quite old enough at the time. In spite of her child’s age, my mentor was sure her daughter was capable of doing it. When she received the usual, “She’s not old enough yet,” her mother responded, “But we are going to move forward and do it anyway.” The audience chuckled warmly because we all knew she meant every word she was saying.

As I often do, I sat there and continued to think; I reminded myself that we all have God-given assignments while here on earth. These personal assignments from our Heavenly Father are not always understood by those close to us. Family, friends, and co-workers do not always understand the “calling on our lives,” or they might think we are not ready for it. But, because it was God who assigned it, our response should be, “I’m going to do it anyway.”

Others lack of understanding, confidence in us, and sometimes lack of support should never be deterrents to the directions God gives to us. It might not be for others to understand or in some cases, be involved. As long as you’ve clearly heard the Lord’s directive, we move forward to complete it anyway.

Often, you will hear me say empower your faith, activate your confidence, and tackle your fear, because when God has given you a directive, no matter the barrier, you should have confidence and faith that He will, without a doubt, see you through.

There is not one story in the bible where God said He was going to do something that it did not come to pass.

When God says move, you activate your confidence in Him and move.