Last year, my co-worker’s daughter broke both of her wrists in a minor sledding accident. Being the resilient girl she is, she persevered positively through the healing process. Months later, she was back to normal, or so she thought.

Months later, about a year or so after her accident, she discovered that part of her wrist bone had stopped growing. This indicated surgery was necessary to correct the delay.

Most people would have been nervous, or at least, upset at the thought of surgery on both wrists, especially during the summertime. Not this ray of sunshine. She fully embraced the process and was most excited about the scar she would have once it was all over. When her mom first told me about her “scar excitement,” I was only slightly shocked because this friend’s children have always been “different” but in admirable ways. They are outgoing, creative, kind, resilient and embrace challenges like true Champions, knowing they will overcome whatever obstacles presented to them. But, and most importantly, her children’s champion attitudes are a reflection of who she is and what she models as their parent.

As I thought more about her daughter’s excitement about resulting scar, the thought crossed my mind that she was excited because her scar would be her witness that she not only went through a tough situation but came out of it healed. 

I understand that when we are in the middle of tough, life-situations, the processes are not always easy to navigate. These situations can be extremely uncomfortable. At those times, we can be highly inconvenienced and may even experience pain. However, when we remember who our ultimate parent is…our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we also remember that His DNA flows through us. The same characteristics of strength and resilience He possess, we do as well. So, each time you look at or think about a scar from a past hurt, celebrate your strength, celebrate your resilience, and celebrate your healing. You are a Champion!