LaToya Fonville is a dynamic author, preacher, coach, and an ambitious leader with over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship and business development. For the last decade, LaToya has been trained and mentored by the best in ministry and business management. Her unique ability to go into an organization and increase productivity through Goal Setting, Money Management and Financial Management has made her highly sought after in corporate America. Not only that, but her ability to motivate and encourage when she preaches the gospel of Christ, has caused many lives to be transformed and has also opened the doors for international opportunities. LaToya is no stranger to hard work, her diligent work ethic combined with her desire to achieve massive outcomes sets her apart in today’s push button society. LaToya’s understanding of entrepreneurship combined with her passion for business and her strong faith in Jesus Christ is the primary constituent to her massive success.



You are the essence of God’s divine perfection. You were handcrafted in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, nothing about your life or your existence is by coincidence or in any means a mistake. You were created to do great things in this world. And in order for you to walk in the fulfillment of every dream that you envision for your life you must integrate these 3 components into every facet of your life. 

  1. Faith- You must believe that with God nothing is impossible for you. 
  2. Act- You must put a plan in place to do the necessary work needed to see the fulfillment of your dreams. 
  3. Persevere- You must stay the course long enough until you see your dream come to life, no matter what obstacles come your way.