Last month I wrote about my friend who had had over $90,000 of student loan debt forgiven.
She sent a text to thank me for encouraging her to apply.

If you remember, it was last year or maybe 2020, I declared by faith that my own student loan
debt was going to be forgiven. It did not happen in that same month, but my faith never

Since the time when the Loan Forgiveness Program was launched, I have been a strong
advocate that those who have student loan debt should apply and stay on top of it.
When I received the text from my friend, I could not respond immediately because I was at an
event. I held off because I wanted to answer so she could hear the pure excitement and joy in
my voice. I was so incredibly happy for her.

Now, I had applied for loan forgiveness well before she did, so her forgiveness served as an
inspiration for me. It reassured me that my blessing was on the way.
Based on the program’s guidelines, I believed that in March, I would be celebrating my loan
forgiveness as well. However, I thought I would not be notified about it until July, because the
processing procedure is super slow.

Before we hung up, my friend and I made a date to celebrate her student loan forgiveness.
When we ended our call, I had a moment of praise, because I knew how much this meant to her and our other friend who had received the same good news: Loan Forgiveness.

Well, I finished my praise and started opening my mail. What do you think I had? A letter
forgiving me of $102,000 in student loan debt. It had arrived two months ahead of the time I
thought I would receive it! I was blown away. Excitement, joy, peace, and well-being filled me
up. I was super grateful.

In the next breath, I realized that when we genuinely celebrate others’ joy, our own joy is
inevitable as well.

Get ready. It might not be your turn just yet, but I promise it’s coming. I can confidently make this promise because I have seen and I have experienced what faith can do.

Empower your faith in the word of God. Activate the confidence inside of you. Tackle any and
all fears that try to set up residence in you.

In the meantime, while you are waiting for your blessing, celebrate those around you.