In last month’s motivation, I mentioned during my prayer-time, God showed me a familiar face
and that a sense of peace enveloped me. The face was of my youngest sister, Alexis.
When I was in college, I often took her to campus with me to expose her to that world and to
many other positive environments. We have a warm history together. I have had great mentors
throughout my lifetime, so it was important for me to provide the same for the young women in
my life. Alexis and I are sixteen years apart, so I’ve tried to keep her as close under my wings as
possible and to provide as much guidance as I could. Well, Alexis is now a grown woman and a
mom. Watching her grow into adulthood and being a part of her development has been an
amazing experience for me.

In the past two years, Alexis has been pouring into me in a major way. One of my biggest
supporters, she has continuously shared her vision about what she sees Champion Made
Empowerment Summit becoming and the impact it will have on lives in the future, and how she
is so grateful to be a member of the team. When something big/positive happens, she says, “I
knew it.”

During this season of life, in the tough moments, Alexis has been a consistent, positive force, and
constantly checking in on me, the one who is usually “the strong one checking on everyone

My little sister’s name means “defender, protector,” who I built a safe place for while nurturing
her young life; the one I use to carry from class to class and event to event, has now become one
of my “safe places.” There are people who “just don’t play concerning us.” She is one of those
people for me. So, when I was in prayer that Saturday morning, it wasn’t strange that when she
popped up in my mind, I felt another layer of peace surrounding me.

As my covering, bodyguard/protector/idea generator/ supporter, her presence was there even
when she was not physically present. That is how God is for us. Even though we are not
physically able to see Him, He is always present. In those moments when you really need to see
and feel someone physically, He reminds us of the earthly angels He has sent to surround you.
Champions, this month I encourage you to send cards and text, or to call your earthly angels to
say, “Thank you for the joy you bring into my life and for being present when I need you the

Secondly, I encourage you to write three things daily in a journal that you thank God for.