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Champion in Action: Sharon Sanford

Meet the founder of Sadie Strong, a faith-based organization that inspires hope and plants seeds of love for women affected by breast cancer in underserved communities, empowering themto push past their pain, tap into their power and realize the joys of life.

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Wonderfully Made

Although I’ve always been an extremely motivated individual, as a youngster I admit I sometimes struggled with my self-esteem. In adolescence, I was targeted, because I was a dark-skinned, tall and skinny child. I was always taller than all the boys…and we know how a young girl would love that ( NOT).  The teasing was

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MWB Ignites, LLC a leadership and empowerment consultant firm that ignites generations of Champions. We have been in business for the past 8.5 years helping many individuals and companies build sustainable plans for success.

Preparing individuals to achieve champion level results through Empowering, Activating, and Tackling personal and professional development.

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