Tackle Challenge #1: Read a self-development book you have on your book list. If you need inspiration, check out my Champion Prayer Journey book or my favorite Devotional books. Challenge #2: For the next 30 days, spend 15 - 30 minutes in God's presence, asking for direction with your goals. Challenge #3: During each day

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Activate Challenge #1 : What is your plan, Champion? Download the Goal Setting E-book on my website to organize action-oriented steps to make your dreams come true. Challenge #2: Schedule a monthly meeting with your accountability partner to discuss your vision and plan. Challenge #3: Watch this inspirational video, "Show Your Fruit Off", by our

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Empower Challenge #1: Reread Morgan's Motivations to be inspired and advise how to shape your perspective through your goal journey. Challenge #2: Remind yourself of your great qualities and embrace your talents. Challenge #3: Speak words of affirmations every morning, recite the Champion Pledge during your quiet time.  

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