My brother and sister-in-love was over visiting for a small celebration for my sister’s birthday. When they were leaving, my brother came back through the door and said, “You have raccoons living on this street, I just saw a huge one go into the drain.”

Of course the second time walking to the car, they were much more cautious, and I was in the door watching. Since my sister-in-love drove, her door was on the side closet to the drain the raccoon went in. My brother hurried to be on the side of her, for protection. Once she was in, he walked back to the passenger side of the car.

I watched them drive off and looked at the drain one more time. It hit me that many times we are walking towards our destination…unbothered and then boom the enemy launches his attack. But just as quick as he launches an attack, God has already shielded you with His blood and surrounded you with Angels of protection.

So I encourage you today to keep walking toward your destination unbothered and with the Armor of God. Weapons may form but His word says they will not prosper. Champion, go get your blessing!