Leah Angel Daniel is an educator, writer, visionary, bestselling author, inspirational speaker and mentor. She never imagined the endless possibilities that would be in store for her life. As a former foster care youth, Leah discovered at an early age that education would be the key to her success to overcome the daunting statistics that many foster care youth face, which encouraged her leadership and educational journey.

She founded Fostering Greatness Inc. to assist foster care alumni of color from ages 16 to 35 with life skills, housing stability, education, and career advancement, personal and professional development, leadership development, and full optimal health management.

Leah works diligently to change the narrative of negative statistics to positive outcomes for foster care alumni.

Her goal is to support her fellow foster care alumni in taking control of their lives by assisting them with access, opportunities, and community support to obtain the resources that they need and deserve in order to be their best selves.