A friend of mine gave me a plant last year as a thank you for lending support during her transition. I vowed to really care for this plant and not let it die. For the past 12 months I’ve watered it, clipped its dead leaves, and moved it out of the window when the winter months seemed too cold for it.

In the last two month’s my “Hollywood” (that’s what I named her), looked like it was taking a turn for the worse. First, I did my normal routine to care for her, but after it didn’t respond the way I anticipated, I consulted with another friend who is a true plant mom. She said “oh, that plant still has life, it just needs to be replanted because it’s outgrowing its starter pot.”

This June I am focusing on encouraging my Champion Circle to set goals and stick to them because we were designed to live a life of abundance. To achieve multiple levels of success so that we can give God the glory. That abundance can only be achieved by putting the work in.

You may have something(s) you started being excited about, and then that excitement started to whither or die out when the plan started to take a unexpected turn. But, the truth is your goal just might have outgrown your current plan/environment and it needs to be re-planted.  I urge you to get excited again, rethink your plan, and write down your action steps, because your dreams still have life and so do you.