Kendell Lowry was working for another company that recruited him to help expand their operations in the Buffalo market, and he did quite well the first year. While having huge success building someone else’s future, the pandemic brought that to an abrupt stop and that company was impacted.

He had to lay off workers and temporarily close up the shop, just as they were evaluating and negotiating additional opportunities for him. With this pandemic putting a pause on his budding plans, he started to consider entrepreneurship again, despite not so good experiences with it in the past. But, he liked the idea of: 1. being in control of his future, 2. building generational wealth for his children, 3. creating opportunities for others and 4. gentrifying the neighborhood he grew up in by joining with the neighbors to redevelop the area.

This year Kendell launched The Window Source. The focus is to provide quality window and door replacements for your home with the best price guaranteed.

With over 20 years of skills and experience working for large companies in project, install and construction management (residential & commercial), and sales. His goal with this business is to change the narrative of unreliable contractors and provide customer service that is filled with integrity, transparency and quality work that will leave you happy.

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