When spring was coming to an end, my grass was amazing. It looked great! I literally ran my bare feet it as if my lawn was a plush carpet. I was proud of it. But, as the summer progressed and the hot days increased in intensity, my grass began to turn brown. It was no longer the award-winning lawn I had in late spring. Although it bothered me, I didn’t do anything about it but complain in my head.

I looked at my neighbor’s grass three doors down. Hers looked like mine had in late spring. One thing I noticed, she constantly watered her grass, which is why she had better results. I wanted those results, but I was not putting in the work to get it. My heart wanted what my hands were not willing to do. Finally, I got sick of my half-green grass highlighted with dry blond strands. I bought a new water hose and began watering my grass. Wouldn’t you know it, in just two weeks, my grass was back!

We’ve all had winning seasons when we started out strong tackling our goals. Then life took its natural course, and we fell off doing what we did in the beginning. But, of course, we still wanted the impressive results. September’s motivation serves as a reminder that nothing maintains the highest quality and results without putting consistent muscle into it. Often, we want the result, but we lack the motivation to make it happen.

The bible says, God wants us to live life and to have it more abundantly. The bible also says, Faith without works is dead. So, just as we have to put in work to maintain our treasured relationships and phenomenal results, we must put in work to make our goals reality. We are in the third quarter of 2022…you still have time to accomplish your goals. Let’s get to work, Champions.