On a Thursday of last month, I was participating in our weekly prayer line with my sister circle. We not only pray during our calls, but we share praise reports from the previous week. Several circle sisters had prayers answered, but others, in addition to prayers being answered, had received “Out of the Blue Blessings” from God. These are the kind of blessings we had not prayed for or about or even expected. These kinds of blessings reflect the Grace of God interventions He gives to show that He knows all about us and loves us. These are those “God just showed up blessings.”

Our phone call went longer than usual because we spent time reflecting on how good God truly has been to us and how impressive He is and how He wonderfully moves in our lives.

We are a fun, silly group; so, by the end of the call, we were laughing and “cracking jokes” about times when we ridiculously, needlessly worry.

Our conversation turned into imagining how God must have looked at us while we concentrated more on barriers and dealing with problems versus time we should have surrendered to Him, and just watched Him work!

We imagined God saying, “You spent your time worrying, but all I asked you to do was believe in me and watch me. Silly rabbits, your answers will always come from me. Provisions will always be supplied by me. Therefore, in the future, lay all your anxieties and burdens at my feet and WATCH ME WORK!”

So, I share these insights with you, my dear champion circle.

  • If it is your Finances…surrender it to God and Watch Him Work!
  • If it is your children…surrender them to God and Watch Him work!
  • If it is a new venture, you have before Him…surrender it to God and Watch Him Work!
  • If it is your career… surrender it to God and Watch Him Work!
  • Whatever you are worrying about… surrender it to God and Watch Him Work

True humility and fear of the Lord lead to riches, honor, and long life. Proverbs 22:4.

I promise He is saying to you today, “Just WATCH ME!!”