To celebrate my sister’s 50th birthday, we planned a Sisters’ Trip to Las Vegas to see Usher in concert. Eight sets of sisters planned to meet up for our Ultimate Sisters’ Trip. One of our friends happened to be on the same flight as my sister and I, so she sat with us on the plane.  We learned that take offs and landings produced a “little” anxiety for her.
When the plane began to descend, her leg began to shake. I placed my hand on her leg to give comfort. She bent over and began to sing out loud the song she was listening to…not super-loud, but loud enough for my sister, Ebony and I to hear her. She was singing, “We are blessed in the city, blessed in the field, blessed when we come and we go, we cast down every stronghold, sickness and poverty must cease, for the devil is defeated…we are blessed.”
I tapped my feet along with her and my sister and I smiled at each other. My friend’s anxiety was up, a little fear had set in, but instead of being defeated, she praised her way all through the flight until the plane touched ground.
I noticed our friend already had the music cued up because she knew what was coming.
I suspect we all have things in our lives that give us angst and interrupt our peace. I invite you Champions to “cue up” your war room music. We already know “Life” is going to happen. We already know the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy. So, as life’s turbulences begin to set in, you can hit the play button and turn on your praise and worship.
God is empowered through our prayers. He is activated through our worship. He tackles whatever is trying to interfere with His children’s destinies.
Will you accept my invitation to praise your way through whatever confronts you? If so, email me your worship songs and we will feature them on social media.