Every Buffalo winter I survey the condition of the trees around me because our winters tend to be super-harsh, and without fail, each year I wonder if the trees will bounce back. These trees suffer through the coldest days; they withstand blizzard-like conditions and mind-blowing ice and windstorms.

During these severe winter months, Buffalo trees turn a lack-luster greyish tone. They look dead. When mid-April hits, I start to pay attention to the trees again; with the consistency of seasons changing to Spring, the trees’ color begin to return, signaled by the green buds pushing forward and breaking through on the tree branches. This is how Buffalo trees bounce back from winter to their Spring/Summer vitality.

These sturdy trees move through a full transformation from the cold of winter to the warm months ahead. Buffalo trees are equipped with DNA that enable them to manage the hardships and joys of each season they encounter. Trees are perfectly designed for every season. Hardships or good times, Buffalo trees are resilient.

You, similar to trees, are resilient and equipped with spiritual DNA to manage the different seasons you will encounter in life. Do I sound like a broken record – perhaps, but I know we have been chosen to elevate the Kingdom of God in every season of our lives while we are alive on Earth.

You will experience life’s blizzards, droughts, and tornados that seem to never end. Seasons of life will be grey, harsh, and cold…but remember…you are equipped to manage all life’s situations. So, you must reflect back to other times when you felt overwhelmed by situations and circumstances, and God came through for you. You know that He will come through again. He has equipped you for the challenges of every situation and circumstance.

The Lord has said in His word:

“Now what I am commanding you today is not too difficult for you or beyond your reach.” Deuteronomy 30:11.