Jayla Collins-Faison is born and raised in Niagara Falls NY.  She received her B.S in Fashion Textile Technology with a minor in Africana Studies from SUNY Buffalo State University and is currently working on her M.S in Public Relations at SUNY Buffalo State. Jayla has been working in customer service and communication positions for over five years in the fashion and retail industry. She is the CEO of Jayla Kierra LLC and has worked hybrid/remotely since the pandemic.  She continues to strive for the ultimate customer/communication experience through a variety of social media outlets due to it being a significant source for many corporations and businesses.

“It is important to me that the image and representation of black women within fashion and textiles and Africana studies should be thoroughly demonstrated at all costs. This could mean the difference of someone making room for me at their table or me building seats at my own table. My ultimate career goal is to strengthen my current brand and take it to the next level and help other black owned and/or minority owned brands public perception. My objective is to strengthen my image, and make a difference in how my brand and products will be perceived throughout social media outlets, exploring public relations techniques such as strategic communication, planning skills, and ethical standards.”  – Jayla Collins-Faison