As we often do, I was video chatting with my younger sister about life. I shared that I was feeling a little sad that day and explained why I was sad.

She said, “Wow! I would not have known.” She went on to say it always looked as if I handle life so well. She continued to share how she viewed my daily activities and blessings. The very last thing she said after offering some encouraging words was: “Morgan, I look at you as one of God’s favorite people.”

Blessed. I know I am without a doubt. 

Loved. I never question it. 

I am super wealthy when it comes to love and support from my family and friends.

But it never crossed my mind that I am one of God’s favorite people. My sister’s statement opened up an entirely new way to look at my relationship with Him.

When I think of my favorite people, I think about love, support, and how I will pause life and move mountains if I could ensure they are all well and taken care of. 

Well, my fellow Champions, I ask you to pause and think of the people in your life that you consider favorites. Can you measure the love you have for them? The measure of support you will give to them. I doubt it.

Just think, God views you that way too, but 100 times more than we can ever imagine, AND He has the power and resources to cover us, provide for us, care for us, and love us beyond any level of understanding we will ever comprehend.

You are one of God’s favorite people. On your sad days, confused days, happy days, deep thought days, and joyous days; just remember, you are one of God’s favorite people. 

Pause now and whisper to yourself…I…AM… ONE OF GOD’S FAVORITE… PEOPLE.

You are the apple of God’s eye. Psalm 17:8