When I purchased my house and moved in I was very excited to find out that I had Concord Grapes growing on my backyard fence. Each year, I watch eagerly for the leaves to bloom. The past few years after the winter I have been worried looking out my kitchen window at the frail vines wondering if they are going to grow back.

This year was no different, but I grew a little more concerned because it seemed to be getting later in the season and literally not a leaf was in sight. Aww man, I thought to myself, is this it? I quickly shook my head as if I was literally shaking something off me to get rid of the negative thought and went on about my business.

The NEXT day I went in the yard for a reason I can’t remember and saw not just a leaf, but a few! “Thank you God” I said under my breath. At that moment I also thought, we get discouraged by what we don’t see especially when we have been praying for a while and the situation still looks frail. Seeing those leaves reminded me that God doesn’t need a long time to do anything, but it does need to be in His time.

I encourage you to shake off your timeline, shake off your negative thoughts, shake off your worry and FOCUS on praising God in advance for answering your request. He will fulfill every desire He placed in your heart. Because of your faith you may wake up suddenly tomorrow morning with leaves on your vine.