Myra Richardson is a Buffalo State College student who has shown how obstacles in life can lead to some of the best opportunities with the right attitude. Myra was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis in 2013, which she continues to battle.

When her father passed in August 2019 she felt her body giving out, leading to a recent near death experience. While laying in the hospital bed, she chanted “I am Champion Made.”

Through her perseverance over the years, she found her place in the world and built her foundation in God to help her push through her hardships.With many sacrifices and a dedication to creating something positive out of her situation, Myra has become a force in the Buffalo community.

With her strength she has gone back to school, startedGod & Grace Empowerment Group, and anticipates the launch of her youtube channel Maiden Lupie this month inwhich she created to share her experiences with Lupus and spread faith.