This past October, I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my Aunt Shelley, my mother’s only sibling. Shelley’s death was a devastating shock to my family. While preparing for her mother’s homegoing service, my cousin, Michele`, asked me to speak on behalf of our family.
When first asked, I felt on this occasion, I would not be able to keep my emotions in check. However, the more I thought about it, the more I understood the honor of being chosen to give words on a life well-lived. I wanted my aunt to appreciate what I had to say if only she could have heard it. I reflected on the confidence was being placed in me. It was an awesome responsibility.
I wanted to speak truths about Shelley. I wanted her to be appreciated for the wonderful person she was. I wanted to get it right. Naturally, I went to the Lord in prayer. “Lord,” I prayed, “please give me the words You want me to say about Your child, Shelley.
My Aunt Shelley was a Food Service Manager for all of her professional career. So, the Lord gave me “A Recipe of Shelley.”
His homage to Shelley goes as follows:
  • A heart brimming with love for family and friends.
  • A river of kindness flowing to all who needed her special touch. (My mother often said Shelley was a reflection of their mother, who was the kindest person they knew.)
  • A heart of laughter that caused the sun to shine brighter.
  • Four big cups of noisiness. (Shelley loved to participate in conversations, and she was guaranteed to mix up the facts in a way that kept us laughing.)
  • Two quarts of bragging rights. Shelley was proud of her family’s accomplishments, and she expressed that pride to the world.
I share this recipe with you as I did with the congregation at Shelley’s last big event on earth. I urge you to live a life that makes God smile and that gives Him something to brag about you forever.