I believe, this past year and a half, we have become more aware of our mental health than ever before. Recently, there has been a lot of conversation about our two athletes on the rise: Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles making intentional decisions to prioritize their mental health. Some people supported and stood in solidarity with them, while others had the audacity to feel as if they owed us every ounce of energy they had left.

Over the past two years I have been increasingly stating “if it interrupts my peace it must go!”  I realized that I am the one that has control over what I allow to continuously stress me out.  I have found throughout life, especially with women we carry the burden of trying to live out the fictional character from DC Comics “Super Woman,” trying to accomplish “Super Human” things.

We do not receive extra life points or granted bonus days on earth by running ourselves into the ground, trying to win the accolades from those who also don’t possess super powers. The truth is we are not built to navigate life by ourselves or run on fumes. Even Jesus had a Tribe of 12 Disciples walking by His side. And…guess what? He also took His rest days.

As we enter the eighth month of this year (eight is the number for new beginnings), I encourage us all to put down our super human capes, establish and protect our peace. You owe it to yourself!