One evening, my dad and I was playing a few games of tic tac toe. I went against my normal strategy to “try something different.” We went toe for toe, carefully making decisions to be the first to say “I won.” At the end of the game my father prevailed as the winner.

After my father finish chuckling because he won. He pointed out another fact. I technically should have won that game. When I looked back at the board and he pointed out my two open “X’s,” I started growling…lol…completely mad at myself for missing that obvious win. The problem was, I became so focused on blocking him from winning; I missed my own opportunity. I sat back in the chair absolutely shocked.

It is so easy to focus on what others are doing or not, especially in this age of social media. Everyone’s lives “seem” to be at our finger tips and we have a front row seat at watching their strategies that seem super successful. But, if we stayed focus on our own lives, our game, our strategies it would be clear that we too have a pretty good life and producing some darn good Champion results.

So, don’t be like me! Stay focused on your own game pieces. God has a plan for everyone…including you!