I decided to go to Wegmans one night to get more food in preparation for the inevitable order to stay home (unless we have been deemed essential to go out). My sister Ebony also happened to be in the store during that time, so I convinced her to join me on my grocery field trip.

We walked through the store laughing and talking and finally about 30 minutes later, I finished my prep. We turned out of the frozen food section and were met with the end of the cash out line. I could not believe the line to check out was literally almost wrapped around the store.

After talking to our line neighbors I looked ahead and saw additional checkout lines. Taking a walk to the front, I was able to see there were three more lanes which were much shorter. We all had just assumed the longest line was the only one. I waved my sister forward and told her to bring along our line neighbors. We went from being in a line of minimally an hour until check out, to just 15 minutes.

Once the line began to move I went back to tell others about the shorter lines and direct them to those lanes to help things move faster in an orderly way. To my surprise, a few said “I’m just going to stay here because I don’t want to lose my spot in ‘this’ line”. Confused, I moved on to others who were willing to take the risk.

I went back dumbfounded to Ebony and said, “how many people are losing out on life’s golden opportunities because they are scared to make a move?”

There were three additional lanes open, which all were moving quickly and they chose to stay in the line that was wrapped around the store because they were reluctant to move.

I went back three more times and ushered more people while those same scared people stood in their comfortable spots.

I always say, this life is NOT a dress rehearsal. So, I plead with you today to go after the life you have been praying for. Even if you are scared- which I often feel as well… do it anyway. There is a world of opportunities that await you… YOU just need to make the move. Faith without works is dead (James 4:26). God said He wants us to have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10); however, we have to go get it! What move have you been prolonging? This month… pray for courage to get past the fear and make the move!