A few months ago, my friend was talking to me about her disappointment in (once again) not receiving an offer for a job she had applied for. She was upset because she knew she was qualified. Her goal was to secure a job where she could work from home permanently. This would give her the flexibility to move and travel anywhere she wanted. She was determined to find this dream job.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, she again had applied and interviewed for a position that she wasn’t selected for. Knowing that she blew that interview out of the water, she was devastated. However, through that interview process, she really connected with the hiring manager so much, she agreed to be her mentor. She called it a serendipitous meeting.

Fast forward about a week after that, she interviewed for another position, this was number seven. She was called a few days later, and the second thing she heard was “congratulations.”

After applying for seven positions and being turned down for 6 in a year and a half time frame, she could have easily been so deflated that she stopped after the second, or even the third “no”. But she kept going. She called and asked for feedback on what she could do better and kept moving toward her goal.

Not only did she finally land her dream job with the exact flexibility she wanted- she also landed an amazing mentor who just so happens to work three positions away from the President of the United States (no matter who is in office at the time). Talk about elevation!

My message to you as we enter the last quarter of this 2020 year is: keep going. A lot has happened this year. But God can do a lot more in these three months. Pray, dust yourself off, chase your dream, ask for assistance if needed, and keep going!