Anyone that knows me well would know that I absolutely loathe bugs of any kind. Even the beautifully colored ones that people like to say “ohhh how nice, they pollinate the earth and cleanse the air” (insert eye roll). So naturally, anytime I see anything in my house that doesn’t look like a human, I wage full war.  

With the weather starting to break, I saw a few ants in a particular room in my house and of course, I armored up. They must go! I ordered ant traps, gels, and sanitized the heck out my house.

The research says for the traps and ant food: “when you put the food down you will see an increase in activity. Don’t kill them, allow them to eat the food and take it back to the nest to kill others.” Well, seeing an increase is hard for me because I want to kill them on site. I saw two more crawling and grabbed a piece of tissue to squish them. But as I was walking toward them I remembered, I am supposed to let them take the bait back to their hub. It was hard, but I let them go so the process could take place.

I went on with my business and looked up 10 minutes later to see that they were feasting on the ant food. ‘Yesssss,’ I said to myself. If I had killed them, they would have never gotten to the food to take back and exterminate the rest.

I sat down and thought to myself, God gives us clear instructions and many times we like to interfere with His process in various ways, which ultimately prolong our blessings. Don’t derail your blessings because you don’t see things moving fast enough. Remember, God’s will, God’s way in God’s timing.