I was switching my internet service over to Verizon Fios… finally. (Lol!) The morning of I was so excited because I had been waiting for their service to come to my area.

The technician arrived right on schedule and was ready to get to work. It was a little rainy out so I asked her, “are you okay working in this rain?” She responded, “oh yeah. I’ll just throw on my hood and I’m good,” and she went to work. I anxiously watched her climb up the ladder with no fear to reach the top of the pole outside (I do not like heights).

About 30 minutes later, she knocked on my door to let me know that unfortunately, she was going to need to reschedule because the wind was picking up speed. Slightly disappointed, I said “okay… safety first.”, which I truly meant.

As I closed the door, it hit me. Many times we have so much going on that we are having a hard time trying to balance on a daily basis. Trying to be superwoman or superman. We keep pushing, despite how we feel. Our bodies start telling us, “hey, you! I’m feeling tired. You are approaching some danger zones. Take a rest. I am being blown in too many directions.”

Watching the technician work reminded me it is okay to come down off my ladder when the winds are getting too high and my mind and body is saying rest. It is okay to lay on the couch and do nothing. It is okay to enjoy mindless TV for a weekend. It is okay to say no to things, be selfish and recalibrate.

So this month, I am giving you permission to come off down the ladder and take some time for you. Champions know when to grind- and they know when to rest and take some self-care time!