I was on the phone with my BFF laughing and chatting it up. Her son was in the background making his presence known to both of us. He chimed into the conversation again asking for something. She responded, then she paused and said “actually, I will take that so you don’t get tempted.” My ears perked up and I said thank you for the next Morgan’s Motivation piece.

Sometimes we are sad, mad, disappointed, confused or all four at one time when things don’t work out the way we expected. Maybe it was a new job, a promotion at the current one, or a new relationship. We have the perfect picture of the way our lives should go and what we should do to get there. However, in our vision’s we get so excited we don’t always consult God. We see it, we picture ourselves in that moment achievement and we go for it. But, God say’s “hold up…pump your breaks. That may look good, but it is not MY plan. So let me completely take this away from you so you don’t get further tempted.” Don’t be dismayed because he stopped your plans. Get excited, because when God says no, He is setting you up for an even better yes!