Collin Read is a Rochester, NY native and a 2013 graduate from the University at Buffalo. Following the completion of his bachelors degree, Collin began his career journey with the Buffalo City Court Treatment Courts where he supervised a team dedicated to improving public safety, court operations and the well-being of people with mental illness through resource coordination working closely with local services providers, the judicial system, community stakeholders, local mental health departments, mental health service providers & social service providers. This is where he found his love of advocacy for those who need it the most.

In 2016 Collin transitioned to the NYS Justice Center where he served in many capacities. In 2020, Collin was promoted to Regional Coordinator with the Justice Center. He now oversees staff in the Individual and Family Support Unit across 5 Regional State Offices spanning Central & Western NY (Syracuse, Utica, Binghamton, Buffalo & Rochester). Collin supports staff development and works to modify and improve agency policies and procedures in his current role. In addition to this, Collin is the primary point person for his unit regarding sex abuse and mortality related cases. He assists in the coordination of these two specialized investigations teams and supports the utilization of a multidisciplinary approach to the investigation process.

Lastly, Collin serves as a committee member for the Office of Government Affairs & Federal Policy where he is a part of a team assisting in the development of appropriate and comprehensive regulations, policies, training materials, etc. related to treatment services for LGBTQ+ identified clients through the New York State Office of Addiction Services & Supports.