22-Year old Dominique Evans has made her mark by providing new mental health resources for women of color. In 2020 she experienced battling anxiety, and became driven by overcoming these mental health related obstacles in her life.

In December she launched Thee Self ____ Experience, with the intention of creating a safe haven community for women of color to come together over various issues pertaining to ones’ Self. Live discussions are aimed to support physical and mental health, while daily encouragement and giveaways provide motivation to those who need a boost.

Currently Pursuing her Master’s in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Juvenile Justice, Dominique has hardly begun to scratch the surface of her impact on the world. She is a great example of what God, a strong support system, and an amazing mentor can do!

Interested in Dominique’s brand? Want to learn more? Follow her on instagram @theeself_.experience or email her directly at theeselfexperience@gmail.com